Creamery Square & Grain Elevator Village – Tatamagouche

Going to the farmer’s market has been a Saturday morning ritual for us since we lived in our first apartment across the street from the Halifax Brewery Market.  Because we often travel on the weekend, we try to take advantage of visiting the local markets at our current local.  While visiting Tatamagouche last weekend we did just that, with a visit to Creamery Square.


The Creamery Square market is located in an idyllic setting overlooking the Waugh River.  There are a mix of indoor and outdoor vendors, most of whom we didn’t recognize along with a few (like Sugar Moon) that are old favourites. There is a lovely sitting area right by the water for you to enjoy your breakfast.  Conveniently, there are also a few places to purchase your breakfast, including the more classic homestyle options as well as a creperie.

Also in the area is the Heritage Centre at Creamery Square, where you will find exhibits detailing the history of the area, including information on Anna Swan, a well-known 7’5” woman who lived here during the 19th century.  Admission is $5/adults and $4 for children and seniors, but you can watch as The Chaloupe, an 18th century wooden boat is built using traditional methods outside the Heritage Centre for free.

There are some big plans to continue to develop this hub of cultural life on the Northumberland Shore, with a performing arts centre in the works to complement the outdoor performance area.

Next to Creamery Square is the Grain Elevator Village, a collection of artisans’ shops, a coffee shop and reading lounge.  This was believed to be the only Prairie-style grain elevator east of Manitoba.  While it is no longer used for its original purpose, the building has been put to great use. There are a number of shops open daily during the summer months and you can enjoy biweekly coffee houses with musicians from around the province.

Together, Creamery Square and the Grain Elevator Village perfectly blend the past with the present.  It’s certain to be a highlight of any trip along the Northumberland Shore.

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