Glooscap Heritage Centre – Millbrook, NS

Glooscap Heritage Centre Millbrook

If you’ve ever driven on Hwy 102 between Truro and Halifax, you’ve probably seen him.  That tall, beautiful statue of Glooscap.  Glooscap is the hero of Mi’kmaq creation stories, whose feats range from giving the Mi’kmaq the canoe and fire to creating Five Islands in the Bay of Fundy.  What you may not have seen is that Glooscap (the statue) stands guard of the Glooscap Heritage Centre.

The Glooscap Heritage Centre (@glooscapcentre) teaches visitors about Mi’kmaq culture, past and present.  It features exhibits with stone tools, weavings, and beadwork.  There are also some interactive displays such as the multimedia guided tour through Mi’kmaq history and an audio Mi’kmaw alphabet guide.  Other great features are the gift shop and free workshops on subjects such as hand drum making.  Teachers should note that the centre has created some terrific, educational tours for schools.

Once you’ve checked out the exhibits, step outside to see the statue of Glooscap up close.  We learned that the statue was built to be 40ft tall to represent the tides in the Bay of Fundy.  There is a garden around the courtyard where berries and medicinal herbs are grown to supply the Millbrook First Nation.  All of the trees and plants are edible and were part of the traditional diet of the Mi’kmaq.

Rates are $6/adults, $3.50/children and $5/seniors.  There are special rates for families ($15), school tours ($3/student) and adult tours ($4/adult) and Millbrook Band members (free).  Tax is exempted if you present a valid status card before entering.

If you’re planning to visit in the near future, we recommend heading there June 21 for National Aboriginal Day.  The centre has a large celebration each year.


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