Open City – Day 2 Wrap Up

Woke up pretty early this morning to get another jump-start on Open City. Headed straight to the waterfront to find out about Murphy’s half price whale watching tour. We were pretty conflicted after finding out that the only tour today was at 1:30 pm, the same time as the Christina Martin show. We were especially conflicted because at half the price, it was a mere $18 for each of us to spend 2.5 hours out on the water on a beautiful summer day.

We decided to put the decision off momentarily and head up to the Maritime Museum of Natural History. We really enjoyed seeing all of the live reptiles, as well as the displays of mammals and marine life from around Nova Scotia. It is a place we plan on visiting again when we have a full day. (@ns_museum)

From there, we strolled over to the Public Gardens (@hfxpublicgarden), where everything is starting to come to life for the summer. A few years ago, the old canteen was converted to a Sugah/Uncommon Grounds. We stopped in to enjoy a half price double scoop mint chocolate chip ice cream paddled with chocolate fudge. It was the perfect day to enjoy an ice cream in the park and at half price, it cost a mere $2.80. (@sugahhfx)

Next, we crossed the street to Victoria Park for the Fair Trade Bazaar. Most of the bazaar was set-up inside a large yurt. One of our favourite vendors sold artwork and bowls made of old telephone wires. They had been made by a group of women from South Africa and were made in some of the most stunning summer colours you can imagine.

We headed down Spring Garden Road and stopped in at Pete’s, but were too early for the fiddleheads cooking demo, so we grabbed our picnic and blanket and parked ourselves at the Piazza at Bishops Landing to check out the free concert with Christina Martin and Dale Murray. The city was alive with tons of people roaming about. We’re looking forward to Open City becoming at least an annual tradition.

Missed out on the #OpenCity activities? The best part about today was that all of the vendors are people you can find every day in our great city. Sure, the ice cream at Sugah may not be half price every day, but guaranteed it will still be the perfect treat for a summer walk through the Public Gardens at its regular price.


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