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Welcome fellow adventurers, explorers, foodies, knaves and those of questionable repute to The Local Traveler. This blog is dedicated to discovering the best parts of travel – craft beer, local wine, adventure, unique cuisine, and hidden gems.

But it’s really about sustainable living and travel. Shh… That doesn’t sound as fun. And we have a lot of fun around these parts.

“Find Adventure Anywhere”

In December 2010, we were inspired to start this blog for two reasons. First of all, after listening to a radio story about the top environmental offenders in travel, we decided to find ways to reduce our personal carbon footprint. Secondly, we found ourselves in a position where we were flat broke but still had a huge desire to travel and explore

So, we began investigating all the attractions accessible by car, bike, foot, and train. We learned to find adventure every day – at home, close to home, and much further afoot.

We believe that travel is less about the destination and more about the journey. You don’t have to go far to find an adventure, sometimes the best experiences can be found right in your backyard.

“We believe in filling our lives with incremental positive change that edges out the negative”

Here, you’ll also find our personal attempts at living a sustainable lifestyle. We know we have a long way to go, but we push ourselves every day to learn, change and grow. We aren’t about digging into the negative, but celebrating the positive.


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Our 8 Rules for Local Travel

1. If you can drive, don’t fly. If you can take the bus, don’t drive. If you can cycle or walk, don’t take the bus.
2. Stick to the back roads whenever possible.
3. If something isn’t in your plan but it looks interesting, adapt your plan.
4. Ask lots of questions.
5. Support local vendors, restaurants and shops.
6. Leave things the way you found them.
7. Share your experience with others.
8. Have a lot of fun.

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The Local Traveler

Two travellers' tales of finding adventure on the East Coast. This blog is dedicated to the best parts of travel, and to discovering, celebrating and promoting things to do in our corner of the world, and sometimes beyond. We especially love craft beer, day trips, romantic escapes, local food & hidden gems. Join our community on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and share tips and photos of your favourite East Coast adventures.

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