Bloodroot and Bargeboard

What a wonderful moment in the countryside.  The fresh green fields, new chartreuse leaves on trees, all looking manicured for a moment. We were invited to Cumberland County and partook of the visual and culinary richness of the season. First we were excited to find some plants we rarely see in the wild.  Bloodroot has… Read More

SmackDown in the Foyer

Last evening we were in Chapter House, the apartment building beside the Cathedral  on the corner of University and Martello. Noticed in the entrance a big compass rose in ceramic tile with an inlaid  monogram.    Nice to see the extra effort.  So many commercial foyers are so blah. It reminded me of the wonderful design and… Read More

An evening in Darmouth

Last evening there were lots of artists and their community at the Craig Gallery to celebrate Lynn Rotin's show  "Then and Now."  Besides admiring her great art we were enchanted with Lynn's  sparkly vintage glasses, worn by her mother  to Bar Mitzvahs in the 1950s.  An extra bonus to our Dartmouth cultural adventure was an endless train… Read More

A Dutch Village Ramble

It's exciting to be test driving a blog.  So to see if I have the hang of it let's take a look at what I was noticing this morning. This will also give you a sense of what to expect in the future. I had some time to kill in the Bayers Road area and decided to… Read More

I never saw you till I looked. Greetings!

This blog is about looking around, seeing and acknowledging what you see. There will be a lot of architecture and design; a search for favoured materials like cast iron, concrete and terrazzo.  Sometimes there will be some background and history but often there will just be little bits of evidence. And all of this will… Read More