Noticed Away

Earlier in the summer we had some out of province experiences.  Of course my noticing doesn't stop when we cross the Tantramar so here are some things I thought you would enjoy and even some ideas we could try at home . It is good to watch your step in a new town and in Ottawa… Read More

The Other Shore

The Eastern Shore is not obvious. No World Heritage towns, no tours of vineyards in doubledecker buses.  For a couple of days we visited the shore and had more nuanced experiences -  here are some observations for the file. Our destination was  the cottage of friends just beyond  Sheet Harbour, two hours plus drive from the peninsula.  When we… Read More

The Farm, the Shore and the Lake

For someone who lived through the Oil Crisis in the 70s it's embarrassing to have driven to the South Shore three times this week.  But it's summertime and the destinations were classic: the farm, the shore and the lake. Let's see what we can squeeze out of these adventures. The farm was the people's farm - Ross… Read More

A Short Walk in the North End

Our car was at the dealer for service.  An opportunity to wander without intent looking for glimpses of the authentic. I'm on my own but thinking about what would be fun to share with you co-conspirators. As I  set out from the Robie Street location it feels like it's all been seen before.  But I look closely,… Read More

An Order of Good Cheer, please

Do you ever visit the Port Royal Habitation?  It was close to our  cottage in Bridgetown and as a child I was taken every summer and ran up and down stairs and hid in bunks and fired imaginary guns over the palisade.  But for the past few decades we have not made time for a… Read More

Another Day in Halifax

Alright, I know you're getting weary but just one more day of touring in Halifax with cousin Betty from Mexico City. The Public Gardens were of course on our list and if you know my interests you can imagine that we looked at cast iron:  fountains, benches and gates. Instead of heavy metal here are a couple… Read More

Showing Halifax

For the last couple of days we have been making little strategic forays onto the peninsula to show cousin Betty some attractions of Halifax.   Of course this means that we have visited some places we never visit (hear that Citadel) and some we keep close to (you're welcome Public Gardens). Monday we started in the Old Burying… Read More

Just a Perfect Day

Not much of a theme to this blog except a Saturday in July,  living  local and touring a cousin from away. We started at the old market to pick up  weekly fish from Off the Hook Community Supported Fishery.  We always enjoy a chat with our fisherman, Beau Gillis, from Freeport on Long Island. Beau was cutting… Read More

Fragments of Grand-Pré

We were in the Wolfville area for a couple of days taking cousin Betty from Mexico City to sample our wares, including a walk on the Fundy floor, eating our crustaceans, sampling Tidal Bay wines, searching out art installations and visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site at Grand-Pré.  This post is about some things that attract my attention at the Parks… Read More

Celebrating the Icon

We have been exposing the cousin from Mexico to the charms of Nova Scotia which has provided me with a number of photo ops. As I reviewed images from the weekend there were a number of ironic building types that when grouped together give me joy.  Let's see what you think. A couple of the… Read More