Old Album, Number Two

This is the second album of my little collection of photos, arranged in more or less chronological order.  A selection from 1965/66. Here are a couple of views from Citadel Hill. These days we don't go up there from one year to the next, but then it was a more vital destination, with three museums… Read More

Old Album, Number One

Come the New Year, do you start to put your affairs in order? Me too! I've been wondering what to blog about and decided to return to what brought me to this sphere in the first place, my little collection of older photos. Organizing these images chronologically has been an ongoing project, and I’ve decided… Read More

Rock Star Concrete Blocks

Are you running low on fun things to notice? How about concrete block? Not the blocks, painted beige or peach, often used as the walls of 1960s school gyms and church halls, but those cast to imitate rustic stone, that were popular from around 1900 into the 1920s. Do you recognize the look? If the… Read More

Not So Fresh

There is buried treasure for you to behold, but be quick, you will never get another chance. The bonanza is a section of the stone conduit that carried Freshwater Brook from the Halifax Common towards the pond in the Public Gardens. The brook was sent underground probably in the late 1870s. If you have kids… Read More

Step This Way

Recently we were driving back roads in the Ardoise district of Hants County with our friend Beth, who knows the lay of that land. I called for a photo stop when we came upon this former garage, because I'm fond of buildings with stepped gables. Beth remembered when the business was still in operation (not… Read More

Looking Spry

The day after the first snow storm I was up bright and early to take the car in to have winter tires installed. The dull and dripping morning was brightened by a chance to explore some of Spryfield on foot. Here's what I noticed. I'm fond of the rama suffix so it felt auspicious to… Read More

Tag Day

It's sad that every year, it seems, there is a little controversy around Remembrance Day poppies. Last year it was Don Cherry's "you people" rant, this year Whole Foods misstepped. One year people were shamed for making little interventions that would keep a poppy attached to their coat for longer than 30 seconds. Poppies are… Read More

Up the shore

Earlier this season we spent a couple of days on what I call the Parrsboro Shore. Others might think of it as part of the Glooscap Trail, or the heart of the newly declared Cliffs of Fundy Geopark. I suspect that many Nova Scotians have not spent time in this region. It is totally bubble… Read More

Saw the Light

Recently we had a couple of experiences with light that were delightful, memorable, and a long time coming. Venice on the Arm Venetian Night on the Northwest Arm is an event that has apparently been happening for the last 100 or so years. I've lived in Halifax for most of that time, unaware of this… Read More