Where am I?

In August we went downtown for the first time in quite a while. Walking along Birmingham Street with the Mills block demolished, and new and newish buildings to the right and left, I suddenly had the feeling you get when visiting a strange city: an excited sense of alertness because you don't know exactly where… Read More

Memorialized in Zinc

This is an invitation to join a club, or perhaps it's a cult, that notices grave markers made of zinc. Our enthusiastic group has no name, so you could conjure up something catchy along the lines of Friends of Zinc, or the White Bronze Collective. Unlike birdwatching or tree identification, which require actual knowledge, you… Read More


These days our mantra is "have more fun getting rid of stuff." It takes quite a bit of effort to do this well. Last month we said good bye to two quilts that have been in my family for about 160 years. These are not something that just "belonged to" an ancestor, these are things… Read More


If you want coherent information on ticks visit a trusted site, like Health and Wellness. In this post I recount personal stories and impressions. Since May, blacklegged ticks have twice latched onto me while I worked or rambled in our garden, and undetected they started to feast on my blood and perhaps infected me with… Read More