A Concrete House with a Soft Heart.

While taking your great aunt for a lobster supper in Halls Harbour, have you ever been surprised by a small herd of concrete lawn deer, as you speed through Centreville, just north of Kentville? And then perhaps, did you realize the deer share the yard with a naked concrete lady washing her hair? This is…Read More

A Chester Snippet

It's been so long since I've been out noticing, it feels like the training wheels need to be reinstalled. Here are some wobbly observations from a little test drive. Are you getting out and about? It feels like lots of folks are out sampling the region, although people we know are sticking close to home…Read More

Guide me

When Sheila and I travel in the province, looking for adventure and discovery, there is always a basket of maps and guidebooks stowed on the backseat, ready for action. They help us understand what we are seeing, and often allow us to conjure up stories about the extraordinary cultural and natural landscapes of our province.…Read More