Spring in the Cove: One

At the best of times, I have a short little span of attention, and THESE times are not helping. So while we isolate here at home, maybe I can show you what I'm noticing in the spring landscape, cause that is mostly what I'm doing anyway. Sunday has started with the most beautiful atmosphere: still,…Read More

Go potty

What a lot of talk about toilet tissue. By now maybe you are in the mood for some photos of vintage toilet facilities, to go along with all that paper work. "I am just going outside and may be some time." The outhouse comes to mind when we think of the days before indoor plumbing.…Read More

Bollards: you’re sooo strong

Do you know bollards? When I've pointed them out on walking tours, people are often not familiar with the name, but for some reason, are amused and enjoy saying "bollards". There are many examples around Halifax, so let the hilarity begin. Bollards have several functions, and since we live in a seaport let's start with…Read More