Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Join me on a little winter ramble in the wilderness. Not the new backlands urban wilderness park but the real urban wilderness, among the Kempt Road car dealerships. Took our car to the dealer for a recall: apparently it could spontaneously careen down a hill. VW has a new building that has the charm of an…Read More

Poor House Burying Ground & Grafton Park

Have you noticed the talk recently about the burying grounds that were on the old Memorial Library site, and under the paved parking lot beside St Mary's Basilica? A strong voice in this conversation is St Mary's University archaeology professor Dr Jonathan Fowler, who also produces compelling graphics. On the contemporary aerial photograph, below, he…Read More

A little off the top, please.

Last month, Elizabeth Cushing tweeted astonishing "then and now" pictures of St. Mary's Girls' School on Grafton Street. Over the decades the building had lost decorative dormers and the pointy top of its tower, among other things. This got me thinking about other buildings in Halifax that have had their topknots go astray.  It was…Read More