Dreamery, Deanery, in the Greenery

Out in the country greenery, you'll find little treasures, in the scenery. We got off the main roads and found this perfect pair: a Dreamery and The Deanery. Mable Murple's Book Shoppe and Dreamery Last August we spent a couple of days with friends at their cottage on the Northumberland Strait. One day, when out…Read More

Some Windsor Favourites

Recently we spent an overnight in Windsor, Nova Scotia. When we arrived, the grey afternoon was quickly turning dark, but there was time to get in a tiny bit of noticing. Windsor Wear The forlorn Windsor Wear building was our first stop. A few years ago there was much hope it would receive a new…Read More

A New Broom

Recently I bought a new kitchen broom and it makes me very happy. Feathered bristles caress corners and entice dust of ages out into the open to meet the, also new and efficacious, dustpan. To celebrate my favourite tool of the moment, here are some broom-related photos I've taken over the years, because this is…Read More