Candlesticks nimble and quick

Recently I heard a documentary on CBC radio by Bill Richardson, detailing his memories of those candle-powered angels that ring Christmas chimes. Heat from candles make the tiny angels rotate and whack bells, producing a gentle, irritating tinkle. My enduring memories of these devices is being burned repeatedly (Bart Simpson-style) because I couldn't resist messing…Read More

Un Petit Voyage en France

It's distressing to see all the destruction in Paris during the serial demonstrations and associated riots. We visited in October and walked streets now carpeted with shattered glass and illuminated by burning cars. As a respite from all this anger, here are is a little collection of photos we took on our rambles in Paris. Before…Read More

Terminal Terminated

On the Twitter and Instagram, I've been noticing photos and memories of the old Acadian Bus Lines terminal on Almon Street, that has been knocked flat to make way for more new housing. Here is a Instagram image from urbanrenewable (Kerry Lynch) from December 3. I was late to the party, but for the last…Read More

It’s in the Mail

We were listening to the news about the turmoil at Canada Post and Sheila said, You must have some photos of mailboxes. And I thought, yes I believe I do. Here is the style of mailbox I used as a child. They were scattered through neighbourhoods, attached to utility poles; one was at the corner…Read More