Gone, but not forgotten

To grow as a noticer you need to be challenged so your understanding of materials, and design, and technique is constantly expanding. Recently three people, whose work helped to train my eye, died. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge them and their creativity. Hal Forbes If you live in Halifax you have seen…Read More

Cobbled Together

At the end of summer there are usually a few choice beach cobbles rattling around in the trunk of our car. They were selected during walks on the shore, because humans are wired to search for the perfect stone out of the billions spread along our coast. …Read More

Entrance Examination: Old School Style

All the chaos around back to school reminded me that I've been noticing the entrances to older school buildings in Halifax. An example of what gives me joy is the robust entrance to the 1930s Oxford School. Dinosaurs get this view from their cars, waiting on North Street for the lights at Oxford. [caption id="attachment_8266"…Read More