Outdoor Furniture

Don't you love summer news (when there is little real news to report)? One of the stories that's received a lot of press locally is about a concrete chair that may (or maybe not) incorporate a piece of Halifax Explosion debris. When a picture of the chair surfaced I was surprised at how good it…Read More

On the fence

When these tumultuous times feel like more than we can endure, folks with a long memory remind us there have been other bad times. Often they mention the turmoil of 1968: the assassinations of MLK and RFK, the subsequent riots, Prague Spring and the Warsaw Pact invasion, and the Vietnam War entering its bloodiest chapter. But…Read More

Authentic Lunenburg

Summer is the time to get out and about in the province and we started with a visit to the beautiful landscapes of Lunenburg County. Our three days away were filled with all the experiences that bring us joy: friends, food, and eye candy. The fun started with lunch beside the LaHave River, entertained by our friends' new chickens.…Read More

Fort Beausejour Above Ground and Below

Traditional summer tourist destinations in these parts are 18th or 19th century fortifications, like the Citadel in Halifax or, my favourite, Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal. A drive-by fortification, that you may never have stopped to enjoy, is Fort Beausejour, symbolically defending the New Brunswick border at Aulac. …Read More