A Modernist Landscape Gone Missing

Halifax is not well endowed with modernist landscapes, so it is valuable to pause and enjoy what we have. A favourite of mine is a grove of trees at the large Canada Post operation on Almon Street. Two rows of small trees are surrounded by concrete curbs topped with pea gravel. The low planters seem…Read More

Underneath the Arches

The other day, I was walking on May Street in the North End and noticed this house.  A narrow passage (sometimes called a horse walk) pierced the line of row houses to provide access to the backyard, where I doubt there was ever a horse. Made me think of The Doors lyric, "break on through to…Read More

Washington, without Prejudice

We visited Washington DC recently, to improve our cultural literacy. Every night on the news the Capital or the White House appear behind talking heads, now I can imagine the scene just outside the frame. This blog will share some of our DC discoveries, including some ideas we could use at home. The Capital dominates…Read More