Give me a big Hygge

Are you aware of the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced 'hooga' or 'hoo-guh')? It is often translated as 'cosy' but then quickly you are told that that is not really accurate. It has to do with the sense of well being you have in a comfortable setting, perhaps sharing a beverage with friends or wearing…Read More

Adaptive Reuse

Have you been able to process all the development proposals in Halifax that are trying to sneak into the system before the Centre Plan is finalized? One caught my attention because it was actually proposing to save an old house (and build a whole bunch of apartments behind it). The planners for the project said the…Read More

Visiting the Power of Fundy

Have you been following the installation of the experimental tidal power turbines? It's taken a while but the giant turbines have been lowered into the fast moving currents of Minas Passage and are producing electricity. Last summer Sheila and I visited a couple of sites associated with this story and have a few snapshots. As…Read More