Construction Fences of Copenhagen

Halifax has been working to improve the quality of fences around downtown construction sites. This includes a commitment to make the pedestrian experience less fraught (no more disappearing  sidewalks). Have you noticed things getting better? Me neither. While recently walking in Copenhagen, we passed a number of construction sites and a few of you might be…Read More

Walking in Copenhagen and thinking Centre Plan

These days it feels like the answer to most questions about the future of Halifax is "When the Centre Plan is approved." One of the Core Concepts of the plan is pedestrians first: the needs and comforts of pedestrians would be foremost in the planning process. We just spent nearly three weeks walking in Copenhagen, Denmark which is ground zero for a…Read More

A Last Visit to Fenwick Tower

Fenwick Tower has been in the news lately: first bits were blowing off in the recent big winds, and now I realize the name of the building has been changed to The Vuze. It got me thinking about the tallest building in the Maritimes (33 stories) that has been universally hated since it was built 45 years…Read More

On the Mend

Pneumonia has struck! But I'm on the mend which got me thinking about some delightfully mended objects we have around the house. Take this gilded fruit stand, perfect for a mound of December clementines. But turn it over and obviously one handle was broken in the past. A strong repair, using two metal staples, has…Read More