Brazil on Our Minds

During a visit to Brazil a few years ago we were told the same joke many times. When God creates Brazil it is a perfect land, rich with resources and natural wonders. But God does not like perfection so she also creates Brazilians. As the Olympics approach Brazil is being portrayed as less than perfect, so it…Read More

Found and Lost Ironwork of North End Halifax

It's hard to keep up with all the big changes happening in the old North End of Halifax. I'm more of a small change kinda guy, so I'm offering a little visual collection of decorative ironwork found north of Citadel Hill. Many of these confections have disappeared since I started taking photos in the 1970s and some remain for you to…Read More

Hey Truro, Want to be Friends?

On our way back to Halifax after an overnight in Cumberland County (thanks A & J), I mused: Sometime we need to sample Truro. Why not now, said Sheila while searching on her phone for where to eat in Truro. So we dropped in for the briefest ramble. The major attraction for me was to see the 1880s Normal College building. It has been…Read More

Shell Shock: Conchs in the Garden

A few weeks ago we visited gardening friends in Lunenburg. Sitting on their back deck was a small collection of old conch shells bleached white with age. The shells had been discovered while they dug in their garden. None of us was surprised to find large Caribbean seashells in a Nova Scotian garden. Conchs in the Nova…Read More

Halifax by the Numbers

It's like a magic trick. Tell me your street number (on the peninsula of Halifax) and I know if you live on a east/west street or a north/south street. I also have a good idea what part of town you live in. Apparently not everyone knows this miracle of municipal organization, so recently @HalifaxReTales (chronicler of the ebb and flow of our retail ocean)…Read More