Another Yarmouth Cat

Many folks enjoy looking at pictures of rich people's homes. So maybe you would be interested in a couple of photos of an opulent house interior in Yarmouth (actually Milton) taken in the late 1880s. Fir Bank was the home of lawyer Robert Caie and his wife Sophia Killam. The two photos are well known, but how we ended up…Read More

Dining at Long Tables

On Friday we planned an evening in Halifax to hear folks talk about social enterprise at the Pecha Kucha. Let's first check out the new Bar Stillwell location on Spring Garden Road, I suggested. The bar was packed and only later did we learn it had just opened that day. Stillwell has made clever use of an L-shaped empty lot. A big…Read More

A Day at the Lunenburg Foundry in 1974

We are very bad at saying goodbye to old buildings. I imagine farewell rituals that involve beating drums, professional mourners brought in to wail, that sort of thing. Recently Lunenburg Industrial Foundry and Engineering decided it was time to demolish their old machine shop and they came up with an appropriate and understandable ritual to…Read More

Young Avenue, so sad and blue

Young Avenue in south end Halifax has been much in the news lately as one of its big houses is demolished to make way for more big houses. This encouraged me to drop by and remind myself what the street looks like on the ground and notice what are, for me, character defining elements. My couple of gratuitous suggestions…Read More