Our Park Building Heritage

The other day I had some time to kill until the next #20 bus was scheduled so I wandered across the Commons to examine the new Pavilion at the Reddy Kilowatt skating oval. There really needed to be a permanent structure for the Zamboni and skate storage and washrooms and warming. The Pavilion designed by DSRA Architects…Read More

Loft Dreams

Do you ever have fantasies about living in odd buildings around town? Prince's Lodge music house? The Dingle Tower? Mumford Road Bus Terminal building? In the 1970s I used to imagine living in an old factory building that was at the south east corner of Brunswick and Duke Streets. We were just learning about the artist's…Read More

I’ll bring you diamonds bright

Valentine's Day is an occasion to give a loved one diamonds. I'm almost sure that's a thing. The real rocks are expensive but if you look around there are all sorts of diamonds waiting to be noticed and acknowledged. Admire this solitaire in a beautiful setting over a window on Barrington Street in Halifax. Or…Read More

Flow gently, sweet Bear River

Do you know Bear River? In the past it has always been on "prettiest village in Nova Scotia" lists. Recently it was in the news because of a sad squabble, the kind that stands out in a small community where everyone knows each other. Made me remember some photos I took on a bright November afternoon…Read More