Fire! Build!

A couple stories in the news recently got me thinking. First there has been lots of talk about the fire service and how many staffed stations it takes to keep our old people safe. At the same time there has been attention given to developers' projects that propose to destroy whole blocks of existing buildings. In the 19th…Read More

The Last Art College: the exhibit

On Friday we went to an opening at the Art Gallery of NS of a big exhibition with a long name: The Last Art College: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, 1968-1978.  If you are unfamiliar with the art produced during that period you may not instantly "enjoy" the exhibit, but if you want to understand a time…Read More

Say Goodbye to our Streamline Baby

The Pavilion project proposed for the corner of Sackville and South Park has just advanced in the approval process, and demolition of the old CBC building  (on the site now) may start in February. On Friday I had a little time to kill while Sheila got a haircut and before a free lunch, so I went to…Read More

Brunswick Street: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Recently I posted  photos I took over the last 50 years from Citadel Hill.  Like me, folks have  been drawing pictures  and later photographing views from the hill since the the earliest days of the founding of Halifax.  As a consequence, the visual record of buildings on Brunswick Street is the best in the city. I particularly enjoy studying how some…Read More

Citadel Views

Do you ever walk or drive around the top of Citadel  Hill? I don't either. Maybe every few years we will take up a visitor so they can understand the lay of the land but we don't spontaneously say "let's go up there and look at the view." However, over the years I have taken a…Read More

Some Well Designed 2015 Memories

Some of you are not fond of year-end reviews or 10-best listicles. This blog is really not one of those. All I did was skim through my photos from last year and realize there were some little developments around Halifax that I was pleased to recall. Common elements of the projects were good design (from my point of view)…Read More