Time to Change the Calendar

The New Year is rushing at us. How are you fixed for calendars? There was a time when calendars were sought-after items. One from the bank, one from the service station (the kittens for the house or the racy cowgirl for the shed?), maybe something from the grocery store or your insurance company. Often by…Read More

These Vintage Toys are (for the) Sick

For many folks Christmas is a time of nostalgia, when old decorations and old memories are unpacked and appreciated for a moment. Because the season is particularly associated with children and toys it made me remember a "time capsule" of little toys, most of which are over 60 years old. The cache actually doesn't have anything…Read More

On Guard and Spraying in the Public Gardens

This is the third blog about products from the Walter Macfarlane ironworks in Glasgow Scotland  that found their way to Halifax around the end of the eighteen hundreds. Are you ready for a fantastically wacky fountain masquerading as a war memorial? From a distance the 1903 fountain looks suitably restrained, topped with a figure representing the "citizen soldiers" who…Read More

November Diary

November often exceeds expectations because the bar is not set very high. I think dark and drizzle, so every day of bright and fair feels like a reward. Since I'm a sunny days kinda guy, the month looks pretty good in this little visual diary. The Devour Film Festival in Wolfville started the month. If you have not sampled…Read More