Corning, New York

On our trip back from visiting Sheila's family in the southwest corner of Quebec we quickly sampled the Finger Lake district of New York. A specific destination was the community of Corning  to visit the massive Museum of Glass. My generation grew up with Corningware and Pyrex, products of the Corning Glass Company. During my working career in…Read More

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Pretty much every year we drive to Sheila's family farm in the southwest corner of Quebec.  It's a road trip we enjoy because, if you have time to spare, there are many ways to get from here to there.  This year we decided to spend a night in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on the return journey and I'll…Read More

Gable Ends

If you follow this blog you will realize I'm a fan of many things. One of the things I like are gable-ended buildings; where the triangular bit of the wall faces the street. Often there is a reference to classical temple buildings, think the Parthenon in Athens. Or closer to home, think of the Court House in Liverpool, a pretty…Read More