Here Comes the Sun

I hadn't been paying much attention to the absence of the sun until this morning. Scrolling down Twitter I was stopped at some bright stained-glass sunflowers and the question "who needs a little sunshine today?" Then I noticed my Twitter buddy Lewis tweet: And I began to think : Start looking for your sun images. It is…Read More

Shubie Park Exploration

A couple of Sundays ago I decided to leave the cove and take a little walk and ended up going over to Shubie Park in Dartmouth.  I've walked in the park perhaps once before, but not in this century so it was one of those "I'm from Mars, this is all new" experiences. The Fairbanks Centre greeted…Read More

Want to Go for an Ice Cream?

Do people still go for Sunday afternoon drives that include a stop for an ice cream cone? Happened in my childhood and I suspect it is still a summer ritual. Over the years I've taken a couple of photos of places that sell ice cream and wish I'd paid more attention to the painted signs…Read More


In Halifax when you drive down Windsor Street you are travelling on one of the oldest roads in the province: the beginning of the old road to Windsor. In the 19th century the elite of Halifax used Windsor as a summer resort but today  it is easy to pass by without stopping to explore. Windsor has always…Read More

Never More

There has been lots of talk about the demolition of St Pat's High School. The building has been empty for some time and the main entrance on Quinpool Road lost its sandstone cladding so long ago I'll bet you can't really remember what it looked like. With this post I just wanted to encourage you to pause and look at…Read More

Insert Title Here

News is so slow in the summer.  Watching the news on TV at supper time I could feel the pain of reporters as they stretched non- existent stories by interviewing people who confirmed there was no story.  In the blog world,  my posts don't require much news and are often just  based around what  images I happen to find on my little…Read More

Valley Days

Every summer we book some time with our friends Doug and Joanne for Valley Days (sometimes written Valley Daze). D & J live above Canning and from there we venture out to sample the charms of the Annapolis Valley. This blog is a sampling of experiences and discoveries from last weekend. The Farmers' Market in Wolfville…Read More


Every year at this time the cry goes out: what do you do with garlic scapes?  The cry is not so loud these days because over the last couple of years we have realized that pesto is a good solution, or we have stopped worrying so much and use the scapes in "flower" arrangements. In…Read More

An Abundant Supply of Strawberries and Cream

In Nova Scotia there is a long tradition of celebrating the arrival of strawberries with festivals and suppers in church halls and at community picnics. We do love our strawberries.  Even though they are now available year round from other parts, many choose to wait for the local crop the way we have always done. [caption id="attachment_3036"…Read More

I feel the earth move. . .

On the afternoon of Canada Day there was a small, 3.6-magnitude earthquake off Brier Island at the end of Digby Neck. In a Chronicle Herald story  a seismologist with Natural Resources Canada said "minor earthquakes aren’t uncommon in the area".  This made me remember that my grandmother had mentioned an earthquake  when she was a…Read More