Celebrating Easter

Have you enjoyed the adventures of Found Bunny, the well loved stuffed toy that  was left at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History?  Bunny received a very special tour of the museum and shared many Tweets and attracted lots of attention. Bunnies are traditionally associated with Easter so maybe Found B  was shown the…Read More

Vintage Easter

As we go through the seasons I've been showing examples of vintage cards from the little family collection.  So far you've seen Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, that leaves EASTER! This card dates perhaps to the 1890s and contains all the classic icons of Easter cards: rabbits, chickens, coloured eggs and spring flowers. I like the pussy…Read More

High Flyers and Hook Straighteners

A while back I posted about killicks, the elegant wood and stone anchors used by fishermen. Many people seemed to appreciate the ingenious design, including a blacksmith who said he was going to make an iron version. All of this encouraged me to look for the few bits of fishing gear we have around the…Read More

Delightful Dormers

When I was looking through my photos to find examples of five sided dormers for the Scottish Dormers post I noticed there was also a good selection of other appealing dormer forms. Here is a selection that should elevate your gaze above the snow banks. This line of little gabled dormers is on Dresden Row, photographed in…Read More