I've been noticing in the medias that the King's Wharf development on the Dartmouth waterfront is having an open house soon for a new building. This would not normally register but the new building is called The Killick and killicks are one of my favourite things! So this is an opportunity to show my few photographs…Read More

Scottish Dormers

Many people seemed to enjoy a recent blog about storm porches (partially because storm has become a synonym for tasty). These porches are easy to identify once you know to look. Another local architectural element that is notice-worthy and is particularly loved is the Scottish dormer. Or as it is sometimes described: the so-called Scottish dormer. [caption…Read More

Learning from San Juan

I've been enjoying those videos of cats in snow drifts and the search for buried cars. But maybe you are ready for some contrasting images from further south. Last month we spent an overnight in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico on our way to a smaller island.  We have done this before and enjoy the chance…Read More

Boot Scrapers

This blog has had a little theme lately:  looking at streets and sidewalks, walking on ice, and the transition between the street and the house - storm porches. These posts happened because the moment seemed right,  but really what I've been wanting to show you are my three pictures of boot scrapers. Storm porches are adaptations to living…Read More


Lots of ice underfoot these days and we are constantly reminded to be careful out there. My message is: grow up and wear creepers. I'm talking about the metal cleats or grippers that strap on to your boots - like your own personal studded tires. Old people know, and ice fishermen, and mountain climbers. The pair I use…Read More

Halifax Storm Porches

Remember the thrill last winter when stormchips were invented? A heady couple of days. Since then "storm" has lost some of its glitter (stormrum, stormcharcuterie, stormkale) but it is still a useful concept and feels like a Maritime phenomenon (here is a useful oral history of the creation legend). This got me thinking about a Halifax architectural feature that has…Read More

Enduring Hydrants

Twitter has been having fun since it was reported that Halifax Water would not release a map of hydrants in the city, citing security concerns. Tim Bousquet was posting Google Street View photos of hydrants in front of public buildings. Andrew Bourke created a map that allowed you to mark the hydrants in your area. This reminded me…Read More

Vacc Docs and Shadow Man

The recent bashing of anti-vaccer has been fascinating and probably deserved. It reminded me  that I have a couple of pieces of ephemera related to my vintage vaccinations. We spent summers in Bridgetown and I got a smallpox vaccination in 1952 from a local doctor. The postcard-sized certificate is very nicely printed in red with an…Read More

In the Shape of a Heart

I have a very short span of attention so after shovelling snow for awhile I got distracted and went for a little wallow in the snow clogged garden.  A garden bench was buried but still showing heart. Got me thinking about showing you some heart shaped objects because VALENTINES! It also made me remember I've…Read More