Hungry Bowls

Hungry Bowls, an event staged by students in the Ceramics program at NSCAD, is coming up on Thursday, November 6.   The simple concept is you choose a handmade bowl that catches your fancy from a big table of bowls. Then you choose a soup provided by a  number of fine Halifax restaurants. And when you are through eating  you and the bowl go home.

The event has been happening for 19 years. I realized we have marked bowls from 10 years apart.

November 20147

Walter Ostrom, who taught ceramics forever, used to say it was the perfect student exercise. Everyone had to make bowls but also they had to approach restaurants, do publicity and event planning, work in teams and on schedule – all activities that would come in handy in their future careers. And students got to choose the charities they wished to support with the money they raised.

October 2012107

From the consumer point of view you got some attractive bowls. There are a couple of my favourites on the right . One is covered with a lovely story about a bowl and the other has little scratched faces wearing bold glasses frames – always makes me think of Martin Scorsese.


Another bit of entertainment is watching folks choose the “best” bowl under pressure  and in public.

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