During the summer I came upon a reference to Photopolis (the Halifax Festival of Photography), thought, that’s interesting, and promptly forgot. Then this week Peggy Cameron handed me an announcement for her provocative sounding Photopolis exhibit  called “Parking The Common.” Then Kate, my minder at Halifax Bloggers, sent me the link to Photopolis and I started to get a sense that this is BIG and it is happening NOW.

Take a look at the program – there are a huge number of exhibits in a wonderful variety of locations.  The festival runs for the month of October so there is time to plan your viewing strategies.  I’m going to do some during City Harvest on Saturday for example.

Some other tips:

  • the Official Opening on Friday should be fun. It’s at Studio 21 which is a great place to see art and see people (you could see me there).
  • Our old friend Jim MacSwain has taken photos of floor mops in China.  A must see for the noticing crowd.
  • Lorraine Field is showing some of her exquisite photos of Syria before.
  • Heather MacLeod documents some of our rivers and river-keepers.
  • Albert Lee, who has been telling the story of the first wave of Chinese emigration to Nova Scotia, shows some of his own photos from around the world.  He is part of a group show at Zwicker’s Gallery and if you have never been there, you should (need I mention they have cats).

Those are just some folks I know  but really it all looks delightful!

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Stephen Archibald

It’s Stephen Archibald doing the noticing. I’m a huge fan of Nova Scotia’s material culture and cultural landscapes. Twitter (@Cove17 ) made me realize I could share what attracted my attention (perfect for my very short attention) and I’m gratified when folks enjoy my content. Pleased to meet you on the internet.