The Other Barrington Street

Earlier this week I showed my stroll to look at the new Shipyards construction.  While I was down there I took the opportunity to walk  back towards town.  Maybe you do this regularly but I have not done it on foot for 2 or 3 decades.  So here are some random observations with no glue to hold…Read More

Rockhead Prison

It was fun to hear that Premier Wines and Spirits are moving north and rebranding themselves as Rockhead Wine & Beer Market. All the bootleggers who spent time in Rockhead Prison would be shaking their heads with disbelief. Younger folk probably don't know what the old jail looked like and that's where I come in handy because I visited…Read More

The BIG Building

There was news about tax deals for the Irving Shipyard. What good timing! This week I walked down to Barrington Street specifically to look at the new construction in the yard so I can show you what the talk is about. The big building where the ships that start here will be started is HUGE. You need to walk…Read More

Halifax Album: Gone, Gone, Gone Edition

A while back I introduced you to a swell little late 1880s illustrated souvenir booklet entitled Halifax Album.  What you saw last time were buildings and views that still exist.  Now we'll look at buildings that are no longer around.  These images are interesting for a couple of reasons : they show buildings that would be memorable to…Read More

Philly Love

This week we spent a pleasant couple days in Philadelphia walking a very walkable city. Have you visited?  It was our first time in living memory and I thought you might like to see some things that attracted our attention. First, it is very easy to get there with an early morning direct morning flight from…Read More

Halifax Album: A Souvenir from the 1880s

Tourists often want a picture souvenir of the place they visit to show folks at home and as reminder of their travels. There are some wonderful Nova Scotian  examples that show what was considered memorable.  That changes over time. I'm particularly fond of a little (15 cm tall) booklet that is beautifully printed and probably…Read More

Our Best Exhibition Building

The Maritime Fall Fair is on at Exhibition Park.  I think of this as a pale descendant of our giant industrial and agricultural exhibitions that began in the 19th century.  The first permanent exhibition building was a wonderful confection in a surprising location and is not well remembered.  On Halifax heritage Facebook sites  illustrations of the building are…Read More

Stencil Me an Apple

We are in the midst of apple harvest, a perfect time to get out the apple barrel stencils. You may have gathered that I'm fond of type and letter forms. I don't have any particular knowledge or insights, I just enjoy looking at them. I'm also a fan of stenciling and other low grade methods of…Read More

Out and about in C/H14

I've been telling you what I did during City Harvest 2012 (a celebration of downtown)  but no need to wait two years to hear what happened this year - I'll tell all.  In fact everybody is telling all, just look at twitter to see the good times roll. We started on Gottingen St., where I took…Read More