Open Hearth Park

Lots of excitement in Sydney this weekend with Aerosmith playing in Open Hearth Park (the Tar Ponds site).   I visited the park a couple of weeks ago (to less fanfare) and enjoyed what I found.  So here is what it looks like without the throngs.

We liked the mural that greets you at the parking lot.  Doug Bamford  made the large bas-relief (he did the sculpture in front of the North End Library too) that tells the story of the site.  Close examination is rewarded. IMG_0764 2014-08-261 A nearby sculpture of copper and steel feels appropriate to the site. 2014-08-26 There is a really nice playground that was very active during our visit.  A water feature was particularly popular and we experimented with the gongs and percussion devices.

Mostly we walked through the huge open site.  The major landscape element are vast bands of decorative grass.  Sort of Piet Oudolf lite.   It felt smart and contemporary with adult exercise equipment spaced along the path. IMG_0758 IMG_0759 The playing fields we passed felt fresh and contemporary too. 2014-08-262 So if you are making the trip to hear Steven T and the lads take a look around at your surroundings there is a lot to discover.  Check out the mural, I think there’s an image of you dancing . You’d look great in a tour tee shirt! IMG_0749

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