Living Inside the Envelope

I heard premier Stephen McNeil interviewed after the Speech from the Throne. A major talking point he kept returning to was fiscal restraint, what he called “living inside the envelope.”  

A good blog is relevant, timely and expands your point of view. The premier’s words made me jump for joy because I can show you exactly what the inside of an envelope looks like.

A couple of years ago I started noticing the security patterns on the interiors of many business envelopes.  These are designed to obscure the contents of the envelope from low tech spying .  Turns out that some of the patterns are quite attractive. Many are ho hum but as Stalin sort of said, quantity has its own quality.


I was surprised and enchanted that something so decorative had been invisible.


As the collection enlarged the same patterns appeared in different colour ways (be sure to collect the whole set!).


Some companies use their name or a logo which is not so interesting to me.  This tiny pattern on closer examination said “smile” rewarding  the careful observer.

September 201411

And do you want to know if I have a favourite?  Well maybe these patterns – they remind me of Italian surface decoration from the 1970s.



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