City Harvest Rewind

City Harvest is coming up this weekend. It's one of my favourite events, along with the spring version Open City. I like the idea of folks strolling the downtown eating, shopping, meeting friends and getting in touch with their surroundings. Kinda like every day but MORE. I've taken these celebrations as an invitation to wander without intent and…Read More

Living Inside the Envelope

I heard premier Stephen McNeil interviewed after the Speech from the Throne. A major talking point he kept returning to was fiscal restraint, what he called "living inside the envelope."   A good blog is relevant, timely and expands your point of view. The premier's words made me jump for joy because I can show you…Read More

Zone No and the Replacement Parts

On Sunday we spent some time at Switch on Agricola St - that wonderful event when the street is closed to cars and self propelled folks flood the space. Among  the many visual joys I was attracted by some signs connected to a musical performance: sophisticated, urban and perfect for their setting. When I tweeted…Read More

Decorating with Moose

When we travel to new and strange places we look for patterns as a way of understanding the cultural landscape.  On our recent trip to western Newfoundland moose were such a leitmotif.  Specifically I started noticing moose antlers mounted on sheds. We speculated about mounting location  (symmetry or balance), public display  (did the rack have…Read More

Cobb in Corner Brook

I can't resist showing you some images from our trip to the west coast of Newfoundland and the easy bit of Labrador. I'll start with a  topic that will make you feel like you haven't left home. Andrew Cobb is the favourite architect of Halifax.  He died in 1943 - an accident while aboard a…Read More

Open Hearth Park

Lots of excitement in Sydney this weekend with Aerosmith playing in Open Hearth Park (the Tar Ponds site).   I visited the park a couple of weeks ago (to less fanfare) and enjoyed what I found.  So here is what it looks like without the throngs. We liked the mural that greets you at the parking lot.…Read More