The doors I will open during Doors Open 2014

Anticipation and planning are part of the pleasure of Doors Open. I’ve been going through the list of venues and will share my current choices.  This is very much a personal list and I’l tell why I’ve made each selection. If I had not visited a number of key building last year the list would be quite different.

1) Dalhousie University Life Sciences Research Institute.  When I first came upon this building two years ago I literally stopped in my tracks.  In Halifax we don’t do a lot of architectural colour  and this was wonderland of mustard.  I’ve stuck my nose against the doors at night, now I’ll get inside.

1-May 201213

2) Dalhousie University Ocean Sciences Building.  I know nothing about this building except that it is new. Universities should be good clients and hire good design. I’m hoping to be impressed.

3) Spring Garden Terrace. My memory is that this was the first BIG apartment building in Halifax and probably the first with projecting balconies. I’m hoping to see some surviving 60s details and I’m a big fan of the grey brick.


4) Lord Nelson Hotel.  Been to many events here but it will be nice to pause and look around and maybe see some new areas and rediscover some old.

5 & 6) Q Lofts & Theatre Lofts. Last year I enjoyed seeing the Grainery Lofts so these would add to my understanding of the loft concept.  I’m not totally excited about the exteriors of these buildings so I’ll also go prepared to be convinced.

I’ve been thinking about some thematic groupings of venues so maybe in another post I’ll share some of those.

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