I never saw you till I looked. Greetings!

This blog is about looking around, seeing and acknowledging what you see. There will be a lot of architecture and design; a search for favoured materials like cast iron, concrete and terrazzo.  Sometimes there will be some background and history but often there will just be little bits of evidence. And all of this will be photo driven.  Not amazing, carefully considered images, but snapshots to record an object or a moment.

Much of the content will be from Halifax where I live but there will be rambles around the province to experience the charms of other communities and landscapes.  And don’t be surprised by the odd plant or plate of food.

So let’s see how this all unfolds. You are welcome back anytime!

A notice-worthy sampler


About the author

Stephen Archibald

It’s Stephen Archibald doing the noticing. I’m a huge fan of Nova Scotia’s material culture and cultural landscapes. Twitter (@Cove17 ) made me realize I could share what attracted my attention (perfect for my very short attention) and I’m gratified when folks enjoy my content. Pleased to meet you on the internet.