If you want coherent information on ticks visit a trusted site, like Health and Wellness. In this post I recount personal stories and impressions. Since May, blacklegged ticks have twice latched onto me while I worked or rambled in our garden, and undetected they started to feast on my blood and perhaps infected me with… Read More

Vaccine Acuity

My child-like wonder at the IWK At the beginning of July my second dose of vaccine was administered at the IWK. The appointment was at 8:10 in the morning , and I made sure to be there plenty early. Turns out that the hospital has a beautiful rose garden I could stroll in and contemplate… Read More

Yearning for a lost urn

In the early 1970s I was seized by a passion for Victorian decorative cast iron and, armed with my trusty magnet, would venture on little expeditions of discovery around Halifax. The Public Gardens proved to have the richest concentration of iron objects: gates, fountains, park benches, bases for sculptures. The Gardens took their present form… Read More

A Brilliant Proposal

Nova Scotian architects and builders are designing and erecting quite a collection of memorable buildings that sparkle in the Nova Scotian landscape. They post photos of their projects, but most turn out to be residences, often located in beautiful but private settings, that I will never be able to see in real life. That's why… Read More

New market in an old location

Recently Halifax Retales, in his reports on businesses opening and closing, noted that Noggins Farm Market was going to open an outlet in the new Capital Suites building at the corner of Coburg and Seymour Streets in Halifax. Fresh produce in the center of a university and family neighbourhood feels like a brilliant idea. [caption… Read More