Fall update: City edition

This season feels like the real New Year, a time to reset and take stock after the self-indulgent escapades of summer. In that spirit, I rambled (10 kilometres, my phone says) from north to south on the Halifax peninsula. Here is what I noticed, new and old. An obvious first stop was to see how… Read More

Snuck into Middleton (without you)

Middleton got its name because the community is half way between two other places, Halifax and Yarmouth. I made a quick stop when rambling in that part of the Annapolis Valley earlier in the summer. Here's what caught my attention. An old commercial building was being renovated, and siding removal revealed a swell ghost sign. Closer… Read More

The Oxford Bye Bye

It was sad to hear that the Oxford is closing, the last of the stand-alone movie theatres in Halifax. It opened in 1937, and I've been enjoying films there since the 1950s. A couple of years ago, I snapped photos of a few details while standing in line for tickets and waiting for the film… Read More

Better Statues

Richmond, Virginia Looking at photos from our trip to Virginia in 2009, I realized we saw a number of statues that have become more interesting in these iconoclastic times. Just a year old, when we visited Richmond, was the Civil Rights Monument, an example of accessible, contemporary sculpture. It is located in a prominent location… Read More

Memories of Charlottesville

Charlottesville fills the news, another sorry tale involving the statue of a dead white man. The community has special meaning for me, because it is almost the only place I have lived except Halifax. Here are my few memories of this small city, set in a beautiful Virginia landscape. My father did his PhD in… Read More

Out of Province Experiences

We did a road trip earlier in the summer to visit Sheila's family in rural southwest Quebec. Coming and going was not a straight line (it took two days to get out of Nova Scotia, for example). You'll not be surprised to hear that what I notice while away is identical to what I notice around Nova… Read More

Willow Wonderland

Here's something that gives me a great deal of joy, I wonder if you will be equally thrilled: willow designs on nineteenth-century gravestones. Weeping willows appear in many variations and often have an elegance and vigour that feels fresh and modern. A couple of great examples to get you started. Weeping willow designs were popular… Read More