Knightsbridge Burning

It was sad to get up the other morning and learn that the Knightsbridge apartment building on Inglis Street was on fire. I don't know anything about the fire or the fate of the unfortunate residents who have lost their homes, but I do have a few thoughts about the building, because in the 80s… Read More

A Glimpse into My Secret File

Do you hear a word or a phrase and think “I should remember that, it might come in handy.” Me too! But I have the attention span of a gnat, so unless I scribble down the bons mots they vanish. My work surface gets littered with little pieces of paper, and eventually I’ll do some… Read More

A Cultural Hubba Hubba

Last week I got an email from the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to say they were "thrilled to let (me) know that a very exciting announcement has been made today - one that will pave the way for a bold reimagining of what the Province’s premier art destination will become." At last the stars had aligned… Read More

1980s House & Home

Do you have a favourite house? The one you go out of your way to walk by because it's an essential element of your rich fantasy life. I've heard that a big, old house on Inglis Street in Halifax excites the imagination of many people in this way. Now I can offer them and you… Read More

Great Walls of Halifax: the second stone

The last blog introduced old stone walls of Halifax that were mortared together. This post features my favourite wall: dry laid stone, what you get by just piling rocks with a little care and attention. The peninsula of Halifax and surrounding mainland were once criss-crossed by stone walls. In this 1801 illustration you can see… Read More

The Great Walls of Halifax

Do you like stone walls as much as I do? I think you might, so we are in for a treat, searching out and acknowledging some of the old walls of Halifax. I've been noticing walls around town for the last 40 years, and there are enough examples for two blogs. This one is about the… Read More