Take the stairs

Stairs are everywhere, but some stairs are more notice-worthy than others. Here are some staircases that made me stop and smile, or scratch my head. At the West End Mall, in Halifax, a remarkable staircase connects one parking lot to another parking lot. Not a good sign that there are mirrors so you can see… Read More


I was excited to notice that Nocturne, the annual arts festival in the streets of Halifax/Dartmouth, selected scaffolding as their muse this year. The curator, Tori Fleming says: Often, the structures designed to temporarily hold up the active assembly and disassembly of our infrastructure create a new version of our city - adding detours to… Read More

Empire Iron Front Warehouse

The Granville Street Mall in downtown Halifax is lined with many outstanding buildings. Virtually all date from 1860 when they were quickly built after a devastating fire cleared this area of Barrington, Granville, and Hollis streets. This was the premier shopping district, and the merchants commissioned new stores designed in the highest styles of the… Read More

Left Holding the Bag

Sobeys announced they will stop providing plastic grocery bags by the end of this year. That didn't bother us because reusable bags, forever. More interesting was the suggestion, seen on Twitter, that people should save a plastic Sobeys bag as a collector's item. In the 1970s and 80s, several of my ephemera friends were active… Read More

Living the dream in the 1970s

A few days ago Chris Miller tweeted this very urban image of Halifax. The red building brightening up all that grayness made me remember a William Carlos Williams poem about a red wheelbarrow.So I quickly looked up the poem and tweeted the beginning as a reply, replacing "wheelbarrow" with "building." so much depends upon a… Read More