A small collection of Tony Saulnier

Tony Saulnier, a memorable character for my generation, died recently. He was a respected collector and dealer of art and antiques and his passing made me recollect some slight encounters I had with him over decades. At a fashion show in about 1970 I noticed people gathered around a man with long hair who was… Read More

Canada Melody & Tactile Walking

There are many little pieces of infrastructure in our urban surroundings that we are aware of but mostly ignore, for example those chirps and tones heard at busy intersections. These pedestrian signals feel like a relatively recent phenomenon, but I suppose we first heard them in the 90s. Most of us probably understand the sounds… Read More

Jettied Fronts

So we have moved from our delightful home in Fergusons Cove and now live on the Halifax Peninsula. This means I get to walk through a tidy, residential neighbourhood on my way to pick up a liter of milk and some frozen puff pastry. Most of the homes on my route appear to have been… Read More

House of Cars Stands Up

The time had come to visit the new and much disputed Halifax Infirmary parking garage, built by the Province on a corner of the remaining Common. The parkade opened last winter but an early September, misty morning was my first opportunity to examine the finished product up close. Summary I always start discussions about this… Read More

Trouble in the Spring Garden

Recently the winners of the Halifax Urban Design Awards for 2023 were announced at a swell event in the Central Library. Projects big and small were recognized including Kinney Place (a reimagining of the old Home for Coloured Children building), the Explosion markers sited around town, the Healing Centre developed by the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship… Read More

Walking in a Jane Jacobs state of mind

Jane's Walks are a time for folks to gather in early May and do a close reading of their city. Each year there are many walk themes to choose from, so you can curate an experience that suits or challenges your sensibilities. The walk leaders are enthusiastic story tellers who have a particular insight or… Read More

Forgotten Buildings

Last spring, while prepping to lead a Jane's Walk to admire Italianate Style buildings in downtown Halifax, I became aware of some splendid photos of buildings that could have been on the tour. The problem was the buildings had been replaced long, long ago. But now, through the magic of this blog post, I can… Read More

Lunenburg County Sojourn

Are you yearning for the arrival of the softer days of spring so you can ramble in the countryside? Early last summer we spent a couple of days based in Lunenburg town and noticed many little things, but at the time it felt like there was no need to post them because folks didn't want… Read More

Could Art Save Mabou?

It's exhausting. Another golf course merchant imagines that we the people could be persuaded (with a little money) to give up a chunk of West Mabou Provincial Park, so some folks can propel a small ball  through an incredibly beautiful landscape. You can probably guess that I have no enthusiasm for giving away parks. Also,… Read More

Bank holiday

A few years back there were regular news stories when banks closed branches in towns around the province. It was just another indignity for these communities, like losing their schools, churches, and service stations. As we travelled about this summer, I took notice of several banks that still operated in smaller communities and were looking… Read More