Up the shore

Earlier this season we spent a couple of days on what I call the Parrsboro Shore. Others might think of it as part of the Glooscap Trail, or the heart of the newly declared Cliffs of Fundy Geopark. I suspect that many Nova Scotians have not spent time in this region. It is totally bubble… Read More

Saw the Light

Recently we had a couple of experiences with light that were delightful, memorable, and a long time coming. Venice on the Arm Venetian Night on the Northwest Arm is an event that has apparently been happening for the last 100 or so years. I've lived in Halifax for most of that time, unaware of this… Read More

Marque my words

Ever since the Queen's Marque development on the Halifax Waterfront was announced, some scamps on Twitter have been trash talking the project. Other voices said, wait and see, this thing is going to offer Library Level quality and excitement. The project is still under construction, but I've visited the edges of the site a couple… Read More

Iron Rich Liverpool

On the way back from Summerville Beach we stopped in Liverpool for a quick look at the cast iron fences that surround plots in the Old Burial Ground. The last time I visited these little iron delights was over 40 years ago so my memories were, let's say, sketchy. My first surprise was to realize… Read More

Down the shore

We spent a couple of days down the shore at a beach, and looking at the landscapes. You know what gets me noticing. Here is some more. Gable Ends So much depends on the slope of that roof. Take the LaHave Outfitters, it almost looks like there was going to be a flat roof, but… Read More

A Concrete House with a Soft Heart.

While taking your great aunt for a lobster supper in Halls Harbour, have you ever been surprised by a small herd of concrete lawn deer, as you speed through Centreville, just north of Kentville? And then perhaps, did you realize the deer share the yard with a naked concrete lady washing her hair? This is… Read More

A Chester Snippet

It's been so long since I've been out noticing, it feels like the training wheels need to be reinstalled. Here are some wobbly observations from a little test drive. Are you getting out and about? It feels like lots of folks are out sampling the region, although people we know are sticking close to home… Read More