Thankful: Notes on the 2018 Local Wishlist

As the dust settles from the holiday season, and we close the book on another successful Local Wishlist, I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky to have been part of this project for another year. This was the seventh year of the Wishlist – the first for me as lead organizer – and I’m still dazzled by its impact. This year the list featured over 400 gifts from more than 170 local makers, artisans and small businesses from across Nova Scotia, and it was viewed and used by tens of thousands of our readers.

The Local Wishlist campaign runs for six weeks each year, from November 12th to December 24th, but it takes many months of organizing and support from a team of people to pull together. I’m so grateful to each and every one of you that helped to make the 2018 Wishlist a success.

First and foremost, many thanks to our Presenting Partners at Select Nova Scotia. They’ve been supporters of the Wishlist for four years now, and I couldn’t imagine a better fit to partner with us on the project. Select is a leader in our province’s buy local movement, and they work hard to inspire people with that message every single day. So thank you, Select Nova Scotia. Your support makes the Local Wishlist possible, and we’re so proud to work with you to promote local businesses.

A big thank you as well to our Category Sponsors at Made in the Maritimes, White Point Beach Resort, Nurtured Products for Parenting, and the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia. You were all eager and enthusiastic to return as sponsors this past year, and it’s been an honour to work with each and every one of you again. Not only are you all remarkable examples of successful local businesses, but you care so deeply about supporting the community and giving back.

Thank you to Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market for returning as our Friend of the Wishlist, and for being tireless promoters of the many wonderful artisans under your roof. And thanks also to Craft Nova Scotia, for your support of the list through the years.

And to our wonderful participants, who filled the list with your best work, another hearty thank you. There are so many talented makers and businesses right here in Nova Scotia, far more than could ever fit onto one list, but you represented them well. Thank you for sharing the Wishlist and our message throughout the campaign, this really is a group effort. Our appreciation to you, and to everyone who took the time to apply to the list.

My warmest thanks go to Gillian, the founder of the Local Wishlist all those many years ago, and the one person who really understands what a huge undertaking organizing this list is every year. Gillian, you were an incredible source of support and positivity, especially in that critical pre-launch crunch time, and I couldn’t have done it without you – literally. I love every minute of working with you, and feel blessed to call you my friend.

Warm thanks also to Michael, my partner in Halifax Bloggers and beyond, who not only kept everything running smoothly, but was my sounding board, my fixer, my calm in the storm – and could always be counted on for whatever I needed, whether it was proof-reading hundreds of product listings or bringing me many cups of tea. As always, I’m grateful.

And to you, dear readers… Your support and encouragement, your desire to keep your holiday spending in the province, and to discover new local businesses – you’re why we do this every year. Thank you for spreading the buy local love with your friends and family, on social media, and with your hard-earned dollars. You helped us to show everyone how easy it is to find wonderful, locally-made gifts. And I do believe that, together, we inspired more people to keep it local.

Wishing you all love and joy in 2019, and we hope to see you all again in the fall, for our 8th annual Local Wishlist!



PS: As many of you remind us, the Local Wishlist is a great year-round resource for discovering local businesses. The 2018 version will remain online until early November, just before our 2019 launch. Follow the link below to browse the list at any time until then, and sign up for our mailing list if you want to be kept in the loop about the next Wishlist.

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