Week 17

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Congratulations everyone! We made it to Friday!

This week has been crazy. We had a friend come and visit and did SO many touristy things, I need a little break. This city is completely incredible and we have fallen completely in love with it.

Sadly, Mr. Nomato doesn’t get to appreciate it as much as I do. This rotation he’s had a lot of weeks consisting of 12 hour days at the hospital, 6 days a week! Yikes. This means lunches and dinners some days. And sometimes he doesn’t get either because they’re so busy, so comes home ravenously hangry.


Lunch of the Week 17 - I Say Nomato Nightshade Free Food Blog

Snack: Carrots, cut (no hummus – we think that maybe Sabra switched around their processing line so the no-pepper stuff was going through after pepper stuff, and that’s what was making him sick. So hummus that once was safe is no longer. Wah wah)

Lunch: GIANT SANDWICH: A bagel ‘BLC’! Recipe coming soon 🙂

Dessert: A clementine. Who doesn’t love a good clementine?


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