Week 14

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Happy Friday!

First of all, some news. Lunch of the Week is going on a break. Don’t worry, it will be back mid-July! Mr. Nomato is finishing up at the hospital here in Louisiana, so we are driving back home for a quick visit before we fly to our next location: Brooklyn, New York! The brief hiatus in his work also means a brief hiatus in, well, work lunches!

Instead, on Fridays there will be a series on Travelling with Allergies. We are both road tripping (5 whole days of driving! ACK) AND flying in the next month, as well as eating in many circumstances beyond our control. Travelling with allergies can be extremely challenging, and I hope these these posts will be both helpful and informative.

The Monday Recipe post and Collectable Delectables will continue as normal.

Here is your final Lunch of the Week before break! I like to call it “the kitchen is almost completely empty! Go team!”

Lunch of the Week: Week 14

Baby carrots with Curry Mayo (Nightshade Free Curry Powder mixed with Hellman’s Original Mayo)

Peanut butter and banana sandwich, Original Baby Bel cheese and a Quaker Oats Chocolate Covered Granola Bar (heads up – this is the only flavour that we’ve tried that hasn’t caused issues, so be wary)

Watermelon and red seedless grapes


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