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Rhubarb Pie

Sweet and tart, this classic recipe for Rhubarb Pie is a must-try! - I Say Nomato
This is Week #4 of my Nova Scotia Local Food series, and I can't think of something that says June more than this classic recipe for tart Rhubarb Pie! There's an old joke that everyone tells about Nova Scotia that the only reason you need to lock your car is that you might come back… Read More

“More for Me!” Rhubarb Crisp

Happy Summer Holiday! The kids are free, the sun is out, and Canada Day (July 1st) is almost upon us! I thought that in celebration I would share with you one of the most Canadian recipes I know - Rhubarb Crisp. Everyone grows rhubarb in Nova Scotia. If you have a garden, you probably have rhubarb.… Read More