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Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

This Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie is the perfect way to start your day, with healthy grains, protein, and a kick of fruit!
If there’s one thing that’s a hit around here, its BANANAS. I swear, if there was some sort of pie graph or non-food-named graph for the various fruits eaten in this house, bananas would be the winner. Hands down. It wouldn't even be a fair fight. They’re just so versatile. You can use them in… Read More

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Drip Cake

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Drip Cake - I Say Nomato Nightshade Free Food Blog
This Chocolate and Peanut Butter Drip Cake is completely sinful. With smooth peanut butter buttercream and a moist, rich chocolate cake topped with MORE chocolate AND peanut butter cups, it's hard to say no to a slice of this! One of life’s simplest pleasures is a good ol’ chocolate cake. Towering rounds of decadent chocolate fudge… Read More

Chive and Dill Greek Yogurt Salad Dressing

Plain Greek Yogurt tastes gross. There, I said it. When something can be frequently used as a replacement for sour cream, I tend to avoid eating it out of the container with a spoon. That being said, it has a tart smoothness that naturally makes it an excellent base for many delicious snacks. Covered with blueberries,… Read More

Chocolate Peanut Butter Incredibowls

Chocolate is the best. There are so many amazing combinations. Chocolate and mint. Chocolate and orange. Chocolate and strawberries… but the old classic has to be chocolate and peanut butter. Perhaps this was ingrained from childhood. My older sister and I always fought over peanut butter cups. More than one shady Halloween candy trade resulted… Read More

Week 18

    Happy Friday everyone!   This week's lunch is pretty basic, nothing too fancy. I've been geeking out over summer fruit, and Mr. Nomato's lunches are proof of that. It's healthy sugar right? Full of fibre? YES. Snack Sliced celery with peanut butter for dippin'. Lunch Raspberry and Feta Cheese Summer Salad (minus the… Read More

Week 16

Happy Friday! I hope this week finds you well, and staying cool. I think the stupid heat wave we brought to NYC with us from Louisiana is finally nearing its end. I'm not a fan :( Here's your Lunch of the Week! Snack:  Celery with peanut butter for dippin'. Lunch: Salad! Easy Lemon Garlic Marinated… Read More

Week 14

Happy Friday! First of all, some news. Lunch of the Week is going on a break. Don't worry, it will be back mid-July! Mr. Nomato is finishing up at the hospital here in Louisiana, so we are driving back home for a quick visit before we fly to our next location: Brooklyn, New York! The brief hiatus… Read More

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I don’t know who I’d be without this recipe for banana bread. I say that quite honestly. Growing up, it was a special treat. There were a lot of us young-uns, and there were ALWAYS bananas in the house, somehow. My mother instituted a ‘one banana a day’ rule, I think out of necessity. Either… Read More