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Strawberry and SunGold Kiwi Upside-Down Cupcakes

It's an upside-down cake with a fresh Strawberry Kiwi twist!
A sweet surprise, these Strawberry & SunGold Kiwi Upside-Down Cupcakes are a tropical dream. They're light, fluffy, and bursting with kiwi flavour! This post is sponsored by Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit. All opinions are my own, based on my own experience.   It's the second post of Strawberry Week! Because dang it, it's the best time of the… Read More

Apple Cider Cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Apple Cider Cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream - I Say Nomato Nightshade Free Food Blog
***Since posting this recipe, it has come to my attention that apples contain solanine, which is one of the glykoalkaloids responsible for nightshade allergies. If you are on a nightshade free diet, please proceed with caution unless you are certain that apples are okay for you! You can find more information here.*** Hello everyone! Today I'm… Read More

Amaretto Sour Cupcakes

(Just a heads up! I have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of this recipe.) Guys. Guys. This is one of the best experiments I have ever done, sorry Tidepool Jello Cups. Pound cake cupcakes infused with nutty Amaretto, topped with a sweet but sour lemon frosting... They are perfection. These are now my official, go-to… Read More

Collectable Delectables: July 8, 2015

  It's Wednesday, and that means more delicious Nightshade free recipes from the internet! Feast your eyes on these bad boys: 1) Buzzfeed knows what I like: Nutella Stuffed Pancakes. YUM. I'm sure mine would turn into a giant gloppy mess, but that will not stop me from trying! 2) You have to try these… Read More