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Nightshade Free Singapore Noodles

These Nightshade Free Singapore Noodles are made with nightshade-free curry powder for a Chinese-Canadian dish with a kick!
These Nightshade Free Singapore Noodles are made with nightshade-free curry powder for a Chinese-Canadian dish with a kick! Quick and easy to make, they're better than take-out! One of the hardest things about going Nightshade Free is not being able to eat out. I mean, it's better for the waistline and the wallet, but sometimes… Read More

Sweet Potato Hodge Podge

Sweet Potato Hodge Podge - I Say Nomato
Sweet Potato Hodge Podge is a comforting, hearty dish packed with fresh summer vegetables from the garden. Boiled and with added cream, it's even better the day after you make it!  Hodge Podge is one of those classically Nova Scotia recipes that's different depending on who you talk to. Everyone's got their grandmother's recipe, bestowed upon them on… Read More

Roast Chicken and Rice Soup

Roast Chicken and Rice Soup - I Say Nomato Nightshade Free Food Blog
One of the things that I love most about food is how it is so woven in to our sense of self. Food is not just something we eat, for many of us it is so much more than that. Every bite has a memory attached, whether it be the smell, the texture, the taste. Even… Read More

Soy Maple Chicken

Let's get something straight: Canadians do not say ‘aboot’. There, I said it. First sentence sounds all controversial, that’ll get ‘em riled up. I have never met a single Canadian who says ‘aboot’. The media has been lying to you. We DO say ‘aboat’. Like, I gotta see a guy about a boat. Sound the same. We… Read More

Week 19

Hello! And welcome to Lunch of the Week! We're officially on the one month countdown until we leave New York and head back to Nova Scotia for the winter. I have very mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I will be glad to live in the woods in the quiet, smelling pine trees (and… Read More

Week 17

Congratulations everyone! We made it to Friday! This week has been crazy. We had a friend come and visit and did SO many touristy things, I need a little break. This city is completely incredible and we have fallen completely in love with it. Sadly, Mr. Nomato doesn't get to appreciate it as much as I… Read More

Week 14

Happy Friday! First of all, some news. Lunch of the Week is going on a break. Don't worry, it will be back mid-July! Mr. Nomato is finishing up at the hospital here in Louisiana, so we are driving back home for a quick visit before we fly to our next location: Brooklyn, New York! The brief hiatus… Read More

Week 10

Happy Friday! Oh my goodness it's week 10! And welcome to the first 'official' post on the new blog :) This week has been a little crazy around here. I've been debating over hosting for a while, and yesterday decided to do it. It's been a bit of a process figuring everything out, but I'm… Read More

Crispy Crunchy Egg Rolls

I have only two rules for myself when I go to the grocery store: 1) Never go hungry, and 2) always always bring a list. Without these rules, shopping trips can turn into a disaster. My hungry self is VERY ambitious. As I wander the aisles I think of all the delicious things that I… Read More

Easy Homemade Vegetable Broth

I was not prepared for the weather in Louisiana. Can I just say that? It’s not the heat – I was well prepared for the heat, as much as I don’t like it. It was the drastic nature of its storms. On the day I made this broth and took pictures, it was so black… Read More