No-Churn London Fog Ice Cream

No-Churn London Fog Ice Cream - I Say Nomato

This week I’m guest posting over at A Savory Feast! My friend Jenna is enjoying her maternity leave from blogging, and I gave her one of my new favourite summer recipes to help out, No-Churn London Fog Ice Cream!

London Fog is my new obsession. Forget coffee for a caffeine kick, give me the thing with 4 teabags in it! ZING! But it’s a) summer, and b) I also have an obsession with no-churn ice creams this year. So combining them seemed like the only logical thing, because, as always, I take things a step too far.

London Fog No-Churn Ice Cream is a great way to enjoy that creamy, rich Earl Grey tea in a cooler form for summer!

… I might have actually eaten the entire pan by myself. It was an accident, okay? I just had to walk by the freezer. With a spoon. Several hundred times.

Go check out the recipe for my No-Churn London Fog Ice Cream at A Savory Feast! Don’t come crying to me later when you can’t sleep because of caffeine, I’m warning you now not to eat this right before bed!



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