Week 10

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Happy Friday! Oh my goodness it’s week 10! And welcome to the first ‘official’ post on the new blog πŸ™‚

This week has been a little crazy around here. I’ve been debating over hosting for a while, and yesterday decided to do it. It’s been a bit of a process figuring everything out, but I’m really happy with it so far.

Have any of you been watching The Chef’s Table on Netflix? I started them at the recommendation of my sister and am thoroughly captivated! I highly recommend them. So far I’ve only made it to the third one, the chef who makes things with FIRE. They are thoroughly entertaining and educating and all the food looks AH-mazing! Having those on the background as I’m meal planning is inspiring me to do some crazy things and give them equally crazy names (the Oops I Dropped the Lemon Tart? Clearly I need to embrace my mistakes more often!)

Here is your lunch of the week Chef’s TableΒ style!


Lunch of the Week 10 - I Say Nomato Nightshade Free Food Blog

“Eating This Quickly is Not Attractive”: 1/4 cup each of walnuts and sesame seeds (actual quote from Mr. Nomato as he tried to eat them in his 2 minutes of downtime)

“We Don’t Even Have to Put These on the Grocery List”: Baby bel cheese, baby carrots and Sabra brand Hummus
“Why is the Sandwich Cut in Three You Monster, Everyone knows only Two or Four is Acceptable”: Hellman’s Original Mayo, Whitewheat bread, feta cheese, green onion, spinach, cucumber and Sara Lee Hardwood Smoked Turkey
“Tastes Like Christmas Morning” Chocolate Orange Smoothie

“Why Didn’t the Watermelon and the HoneyDew Get Married? Because They” Cantaloupe. Β (I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, but I’m totally not)


Need more lunch ideas?

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