Collectable Delectables: June 24, 2015

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Welcome to Collectable Delectables, a collection of the most amazingly delicious (Nightshade Free!) things I’ve seen on the internet this week!

1) The biggest inspiration and help for my Lunch of the Week series comes from this incredibly informative course: Let’s Make a Bento! at Just Bento. I’m not sure my lunches could qualify as bentos since they’re not very fancy, but I like to think that’s where their heart is. This site is a wonderful overview of bentos and everything you’ll need to make a healthy lunch that’s cute too!

2) Somehow I missed the Girl Guide’s this year, but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over these Thin Mint Truffles from Thinking Outside the Sandbox.

3) These Baked Coconut Shrimp from Lady Behind the Curtain are delicious, and I highly recommend them with some of my Nightshade Free Curry Powder mixed with a little mayo. I also recommend following her instructions and baking them on a cooling rack instead of just on the baking sheet. Oops.

4) This Cucumber Hummus from Vegan Farm Recipes is not only vegan and gluten free, but also light and incredibly flavourful! (Looks like she sprinkled it with some cayenne, but it’s not included in the recipe).

5) I’ve decided that my first purchase in New York might have to be a popsicle mold. Because I cannot go on without these pretty Pomegranate Mango Colada Popsicles from Sustaining the Powers.

5) Tiramisu is my FAVOURITE dessert, hands down. I’ve tried to make it a couple times, but I can never seem to be able to find all the proper ingredients. One day I’ll tell you my Saba Tiramisu story… This Tiramisu Recipe from Maria and Andrew’s Venice – Italy – Veneto is always my base recipe though, and it’s always delicious, even if not perfect!

Have a great week!

– Cristina

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