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Week 13

YAY FRIDAY! We made it! As I mentioned in my last post, we're trying desperately to figure out what is causing a sudden lunch flare-up with Mr. Nomato's allergies AND trying to clean out the the cupboards at the same time, so inventiveness is the word of the day month! This week I've been inspired…Read More

Italian Herb Roasted Chicken

Let’s be honest. February is THE WORST. It’s grey. It’s cloudy. If you’re living on the Eastern Seaboard right now, you’ve got snow up to your eaves – and your last nerve. The deep chill has set in, the kind of chill that burrows into your very bones, finding out wherever you're vulnerable and or weak…Read More

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

These Sweet Potato Gnocchi are light and fluffy, just like Nonna used to make!
Gnocchi is, at its most basic, mashed potatoes and flour dumplings, Italian style. It is a blank canvas, a delicious base that will keep you full for hours, and like all Italian food, tastes much better when made with care and with love. (more…)Read More