April Fool’s Day Recipes Roundup

17 April Fool's Day Recipes - I Say Nomato

April is almost upon us! And that means ’tis the season for pranks and trickery. With surprise ingredients, dinner for breakfast, and (my personal favourite) food that looks like other food, bring some joy to those you love with these April Fool’s Day Recipes!

I adore food that is unexpected. Food that looks like other food. Food with surprise ingredients… these are the best prank recipes from some of my favourite bloggers. From fruit made of meat to cupcakes that look like chili, these are sure to be a hit!

*Nightshade Free Note: not all of the recipes are nightshade free. Those that are unsafe say so!*


These ones are for the nightshade-free eaters who are longing for those potatoes, tomatoes and peppers! You won’t believe what they’re actually made of…

17 April Fool's Day Recipes - I Say Nomato

  1. Potluck Chili Cupcakes – Palatable Pastime
  2. Pierogies and Sausages – Jo and Sue
  3. Poutine for Dessert – A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures
  4. Pizza Cake – Jolene’s Recipe Journal


Want dessert for breakfast? No? How about for dinner?

17 April Fool's Day Recipes - I Say Nomato

5. Bacon and Eggs Cupcakes – Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks
6. Devilled Egg Cake Balls – Cooking with Carlee
7. KFC Dinner – Jo and Sue
8. Chocolate Salami – Beth Dunham


Your poor friends and family, they must expect the unexpected!

17 April Fool's Day Recipes - I Say Nomato

9. Dessert Gnocchi – Caroline’s Cooking (not nightshade free)
10. Cheeseball Carrots – Jo and Sue (not nightshade free)
11. Layered Idly Cake Sandwich – Mama’s Secret Recipes (possibly not nightshade free)
12. A&W Dinner – Jo and Sue


Go forth, unleash your reign of terror! Delicious, delicious terror!

17 April Fool's Day Recipes - I Say Nomato

13. Heston Blumenthal’s Meat Fruit Recipe – Super! Kitchen Machine
14. Hamburger Macarons – I Say Nomato
15. Sweet and Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes – The Speckled Palate (not nightshade free)
16. Green Baked Potato Donuts – Caroline’s Cooking (not nightshade free)
17. Faux Nuggets and Fries – Jolene’s Recipe Journal


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17 April Fool's Day Recipes - I Say Nomato

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