5 YouTube Channels to Follow if You Want to Learn to Decorate Cakes and Cookies!

5 YouTube Channels to Follow if you want to learn how to decorate Cakes and Cookies

Have you always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes and cookies? It’s simpler than you think! With the right tools, some practice, and some help from these amazing experts, you can create beautiful desserts too!

5 YouTube Channels to Follow if you want to learn how to decorate Cakes and Cookies

When I first started cake decorating, it was so intimidating to see some of these ridiculously complex creations. And cookies? Don’t even get me started on the cookies. So I watched YouTube videos, and learned that even though something might look complex, they can often be very easily done with the right tools and some practice! These wonderful channels are my go-tos whenever I see a cake I would like to make, and have no idea where to start.

1) Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio

Jennifer Johns is the queen of the homemade cake! She tackles every cake with infectious enthusiasm and step-by-step instructions for cakes that can be made in any kitchen. Her specialty are kids party cakes. Want to know how to make a Paw Patrol or Moana cake? She’s got you covered! She also is my go-to for ‘fad cakes’, from mirror glazes to rainbow cakes, she’s so easy to follow.

My favourite video: This beautifully simple geode cake!

2) How to Cake It

Fellow Canadian and hilarious YouTuber Yolanda Gampp makes sculptural cakes fun. From a cake shaped like a beach bag to one like giant python for the Toronto Zoo, Yolanda is the master of fondant and cake carving. Plus she’s hilarious. I dare you to watch and not laugh with her! (Sir Squeeze-a-lot is on my wishlist!)
My favourite video: This ridiculously realistic cheeseburger cake!

3) Sweet Ambs Cookies

These are seriously the most relaxing videos on the internet. When I’m feeling anxious or need to calm down, I put on one of her videos and the music and her beautiful cookies make me feel better. Amber does everything step-by-step and her beautiful creations are easy to understand and replicate. She also has a lot of foundation videos where you can learn all about the correct consistency for Royal Icing decoration, and things like ‘wet-on-dry’ icing techniques.
My favourite video: these out of this world galaxy cookies!

 4) Rosie’s Dessert Spot

Rosie is one of the best YouTube channels for learning the basics. From gum paste roses to the correct consistency for piping buttercream flowers, her tutorials are easy and very clear. She doesn’t just do cakes either! Doughnuts, pastries, and getting that perfect chocolate drip!
My favourite video: this watercolour drip cake – where I learned how to do both watercolour buttercream and drips.

 5) My Cupcake Addiction

You can’t have a top 5 YouTube Cake round-up without My Cupcake Addiction! She’s the queen of cupcakes. Her tutorials show you how to make beautiful cupcakes with simple tools that you can pick up at your local grocery store or hobby shop. Like CC&C, she’s also an expert at fun cakes for kids parties.
My favourite video: funnily enough, not cupcakes! It’s this super fun rainbow polka dot cake!

I hope you love these channels as much as I do! Decorating cakes and cookies is much easier than it looks. Happy Creating!

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