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The Camp-Out

Long before the Interweb made it increasingly easy for the scalpers to scoop up the majority of great seats to a show, you only have a couple of options. The only ways to secure those seats for yourself was to either hammer the box office's phone lines in the hopes (more…) Read More

When Do You Hit the Eject Button?

We all know what we like, or at least have some idea of what we like. There will always be times when you read an article, or get swept up in the hype regarding an Album, TV Show or Video Game, or someone makes a recommendation and you feel compelled to (more…) Read More

To Have Or To Hold?

For the better part of the last 4 decades, physical media collections have been proud displays of one’s tastes and passions. These displays of Records, Tapes and CD's were at one point, a very common thing to find within a persons home, but in recent years a downsizing movement has taken (more…) Read More

Hello 2012!!

Wow, I just popped my head in on Hafilax and realized over 3 months hadslippedby since my last update. This post is my attempt to fire things back up and get some regular posts going on. Sorry about the hiatus and I hope you keep reading. Also, Ijustsetup shop on tumblr, (more…) Read More