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Concert Announcements…..including the JPE!!

It was a busy week for concert announcements in the city, so let's break them down shall we? ---- For the hip-hop heads of Halifax, Waka Flocka is playing the Marquee Ballroom on Friday the 13th of February and Neon Dreams will be sharing the stage on this evening. More details can be found over… Read More

Matthew Good @ The Rebecca Cohn // Oct. 18/2013

On this past Friday Night, I had the pleasure to be in the second row for Matthew Good's latest visit to Halifax. I've had the pleasure of seeing him play smaller club shows at the Marquee and McInnes Room, mid-sized shows at the Multi Purpose Room and the Cunard Centre, not to mention outside on… Read More

Venue Countdown #3 – The Rebecca Cohn Auditorium

We're quickly working our way to the end of the list, and clocking in at number 3 is The Rebecca Cohn Auditorium (conveniently nestled within the bosom of The Dalhousie Arts Centre). This is not the place to go if you're looking for an over-the-top flashy production ala KISS or the Rolling Stones, this is… Read More